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About us


History of the company

Stefanov Ltd. was registered in 1990 in the regional court in Silistra with its main activity – conducting transport services in Bulgaria, European Union and third parties. For that purpose we hold issued euro license№ 3625. Our company started with one vehicle, and at the moment we have 31 compositions. All of them:

  •      - are with tarpaulin and length of the semitrailer 13.60m;
  •      - they comply with the European ecological requirements- accordingly with engines Euro – 5, EURO EEV + EURO 6
  •      - are equipped with sufficient amount of belts for securing the cargo, anti-sliding mats, protective corners, security bars and fire extinguishers;
  •      - are equipped with GPS system;
  •      - are contracted with CMR insurance;
  •      - have XL certificate.

Our company continues to reinvest its profits in renewing its auto park.

More about us…

 For more than 20 years we have managed to build a solid network of selected business partners. With our own parking of 10 acres and a workshop, our business has a closed cycle for repairing, maintenance and exploitation of our auto park. The company has its own facilities for business contacts, administration and drivers. We have high criteria for employing our drivers. Not only they have to comply with all of the requirements of the law, they have to be responsible, precise in their job and with enough experience. On our side we make whatever is possible for them as to the conditions of work and rest, and their deserved material stimulation. The experience, professionalism and vehicles, complying with the requirements of the EU for protecting the environment, are solid reassurance for our clients.

Thanks to the equipped GPS system on each of our trucks, our clients can acquire up to date information about the location of their cargo at any time.

The solid presence of Stefanov Ltd. on the transport market gives us confidence that we are correct business partner, employer and tax payer.

The company is a member of the National Association of the Bulgarian Road Carriers.